Online Dance Video Adjudication

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We got some amazing feedback from our online dance video adjudication clients:

I appreciate the phone call and really appreciate having video adjudication (and so soon) from competition. Thank you again!! -Dance Teacher

Online dance video adjudication has been a fairly significant part of Jenkins Media for a number of years. The Festival that got us started was OnStage in Humboldt, and we also serve Leader Dance Fusion in Leader SK.

Last night I had a chance to watch some of Jayla’s dances, awesome!  Great quality, perfect lighting and sound!  Once again perfect! Thanks again Evan… -Organizer

At one point, we had made a major investment into an online dance video adjudication platform that automated certain aspects of the video production, and delivered individualized access to every dancer at the competition.  This was an amazing way to provide secure online access to every dancer.  Unfortunately, our system ultimately failed due to a lack of interest in providing dancers with this high level access from more than just one Festival, and the high ongoing costs of this system.

We have now turned to DropBox to distribute our dances.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.18.48 PM

We also make heavy use of Adobe Media Encoder CC features that integrate ‘effects’ in the automated version of the encoding for web.  The effects allow overlays, pulled information from the file name to indicate the name of the dance, and even applying a cinematic style ‘LUT’ to optimize the look of the footage.