New Site Intro Video

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Scott Benson from had a request for a new site intro video to help introduce new web-site builds.  This is what we came up with.


This is without a doubt the most intense animation design I’ve ever attempted.


The logo animation for Scott Benson at the beginning was made possible because his logo design built the logo as a vector file with layers.  I had to do a little bit of work unpacking the layers, but once that was complete I was able to create the logo animation that you see in this video.  I tried about 10 different versions of a logo animation before settling with this final comp.


The music is a simple dub step license which is about as intense as you can get, which made it the perfect fit for this video.


Need something along this line, maybe with a pro voice over added in?  We can get it done on a budget of $350, call Evan at 3063809716.