Jenkins Media is a provider of videography services for clients in a wide variety of industries.  We go beyond providing a videographer and editing services by offering recommendations based on our experience and research.  We are focused on providing a high level of customer service, part of which means fast turn around times for your project.


We love creating great content for clients.  We want to create video content that answers your client's questions about your company, product, service, or industry.  We believe that the right content communicated in the right way can help your business become a leading information provider in your industry.  When your company is the go to source of information, you can expect increased exposure and increased revenue.

Logo Animation Video Production

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This is a logo animation video for Sik Pics, a local Saskatoon photography company specializing in weddings, run by none other than Chris SIKorsky. The original idea was to have a text ‘C’ wink like the aperture of a camera.  Chris showed me a sample logo from another company that had the look of the aperture […]

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New ‘Coming Soon’ Video for Web-site

Posted by | January 9 | No Comments

This was a project for Global Health Care Connections Inc. , based in Saskatoon.  The goal was to create a ‘place holder’ video so that the new site can be launched while the video is still in progress. The reason for this project has to do with timelines for video production.  Depending on the scope of […]

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Realtor Market Update Video

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These videos are perfect for boosting your web-presence with quality content tailored to promoted your brand.

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Video Listings

Real Estate Video Listings are a great way to get attention for your real estate listings. Ever heard of a real estate virtual tour?  You aint seen nothing yet.  With Jenkins media you get a sleek modern look and feel.  Realtors on the cutting edge of online video marketing can use Realtor Video Listings to create video content. This is a great way for Realtors to add value to their clients’ marketing package. The videos are perfect for social media on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The videos can also be embeded in your web-site.

Need a creative way to celebrate a house being sold? Now you can post a ‘celebration’ video telling the world that you got the job done! You celebration video is included as part of your video package.

Property Showcase

A great way to streamline your workflow is by signing up for Property Showcase. This new site will give you access to a variety of premium features that you can’t find anywhere else, including streamlined access to Jenkins Media Realtor Video Listings.